How can I remove all DNS records for a domain controller (DC)?

A. Each DC registers a number of DNS records that clients and other services use to "find" the DC and its services (e.g., LDAP, Kerberos, and Global Catalog--GC). These records are listed in each DC's local netlogon.dns file in the %systemroot%\system32\config folder. If you want to remove the records for a DC, you can use the Nltest tool, which is part of the Windows Server 2003 support tools, to remove all records relating to the specified DC. Use the Nltest tool with this syntax: nltest /dsderegdns:<dns host name>

For example to remove all records for, I would use this command:

C:\>nltest / 

Be aware that there's no confirmation dialog box, so use the command with care.

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