How can I move users from one machine to another?

A. A. If you just want to replace the PDC of a domain with a new machine, the easiest way is to install the new machine as a BDC and then promote to the PDC which removes the need of adding/removing users.

If you actually want to merge two domains or just move some accounts the procedure below should help. You will need the resource kit utility addusers.exe

  1. Log on as an Administrator on the machine that has the accounts you wish to move
  2. Run the command
    addusers /d <file name>
    This will create a comma separated file with details of all accounts and groups.
  3. You don't want the information about global or local groups (such as Administrators etc) so edit the file and remove the \[Global\] and \[Local\] sections and their content.
  4. Copy the file to the machine you want to create the accounts on or a network drive
  5. Log on as an Administrator on the machine that the accounts should be added, if a domain, log on to the PDC
  6. Run the command
    addusers /c <file name>
    This will read in the file and create the accounts
  7. You could then delete the accounts of off the original machine using
    addusers /e <file name>

New versions of the addusers.exe utility add support so users don't have to change their passwords, e.g.

  /p:   Set's account creation options, followed by an comb. of \{lced\}<br>
    l   Users do not have to change passwords at next logon.<br>
    c   Users cannot change passwords.<br>
    e   Passwords never expire. (implies l option)<br>
    d   Accounts disabled.

So, 'addusers /e <filename> /p:l' would mean the users don't have to change the passwords.

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