How can I get detailed system information from the command prompt?

A. The Windows NT Server Resource Kit supplies srvinfo.exe, which is an excellent tool that gives you a picture of your system. The tool includes details about:

  • Version
  • Service and hotpacks installed
  • Services
  • Domain information
  • Hardware
I’ve provided an example of the information that you get when you use the utility.

Server Name: GARFIELD
Security: Users
NT Type: WinNT WorkStation
Version: 4.0, Build = 1381, CSD = Service Pack 4, RC 1.99
IP Address:
CPU\[0\]: x86 Family 6 Model 3 Stepping 3
Hotfixes: \[Q147222\]:
Drive: \[FileSys\] \[ Size \] \[ Free \]
\[Stopped\] Alerter

System Up Time: 23 Hr 51 Min 43 Sec

The utility has the following switches you can use to get more or less information:

SRVINFO \[\[|-ns|-d|-v|-s\] \\computer_name\]
-ns: Don’t show any service information.
-d: Show service drivers and service.
-v: Get version information for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Server.
-s: Show shares.

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