How can I generate a list of all computer accounts in a domain?

A. The normal method under Windows NT 4.0 and earlier is to use Server Manager (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - Server Manager) and computer accounts can be viewed/added/deleted.

Under Windows NT 5.0 this information can be viewed using the Active Directory MMC (Microsoft Management Console) snap-in and browse the domain/Computers group. Of course under Windows NT 5.0 and the Active Directory computers can also be created in Organisation Units so would not all be shown under this tree (as shown below the computer account in the law OU would not be listed in the Computers group).

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A more complete method is to use the Windows NT Resource Kit NETDOM.EXE utility (which runs under Windows NT 5.0) to generate the list, e.g.

C:\> netdom member
Searching PDC for domain SAVILLTECH ...
Listing members of domain SAVILLTECH ...

Member 1 = \\ODIN
Member 2 = \\garfield

It is also possible to list other domains using a mixture of command line switches, e.g.

C:\> netdom /d:<domain name> \[/u:<domain>\<user to which query> /p:<password\] member

The information in the \[\] is only needed if your account does not have privileges in the requested domain.

The advantage of the command line tool is it lists all computer accounts, even those in OU's in the Active Directory.

An alternative method is to use the net view /domain:<domain> command which has the advantage that you can pipe the output to a file or another command, e.g.

C:\> net view /domain:savtech

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