How can I disable the Journal in Outlook?

A. The Journal function in Outlook can be used to track document changes and openings, mail actions, meetings and task management however it can take up a large amount of space if not archived regularly.

If you don't want the features of the Journal it can be disabled as follows:

  1. Start Outlook
  2. Select Options from the Tools menu
  3. Select the Preferences tab and click 'Journal Options'
  4. Unselect all boxes and click OK
    Click here to view image
  5. Click OK to the main dialog

No records will be written to the journal now.

If you want to delete all current Journal information select the Journal branch, right click on each entry type, for example Microsoft Word, and select Delete from the context menu.

This is also possible by directly editing the registry:

  1. Start the registry editor (regedit.exe)
  2. Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Outlook\Options\Journal
  3. Double click EnableJournal and change from 1 to 0
  4. Click OK

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