How can I delete a local profile?

A. Using the System Control panel applet any locally stored profile can be deleted.

  1. Start the System control panel applet (start - settings - control panel - system)
  2. Click the "User Profiles" tab
  3. Select the profile and click Delete
  4. Click Yes to the confirmation
  5. Click OK

Please note you can't delete a profile if you are currently logged on as that user, an area that the profile is in use will be displayed.

If you want to remotely delete a locally stored profile you can use the DELPROF.EXE utility which is supplied with the Windows NT Server Resource Kit. The tool deletes all profiles that have not been used for a given number of days, for example

C:\>delprof /p /q /i /c:\\garfield /d:3

Would delete any profiles that have not been used for 3 days. The /p prompts for confirmation before deleting each profile, the /q suppresses the starting:

Delete profiles on \\garfield that have not been used in the last 1 days? (Yes /No)

prompt. The /i ignores errors, /c is the computer name and /d: is the number of days the profile needs to be older than.

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