@Home teams with Microsoft

Just two years ago, @Home, the cable Internet access company, formed an alliance with Netscape Communications, pledging to provide its customers with Navigator as the browser of choice. At the time, @Home called Navigator the "foundation" of its network, saying that the Netscape product would define high-speed Web access to its customers.

No more.

Today, the @Home network announced a collaboration with Microsoft Corp. that brings a customized version of its Internet Explorer 4.0 Web browser to @Home customers. Though @Home won't drop the Netscape option, new content will likely be developed using Microsoft technology and the deal demonstrates Microsoft's clout in the Internet arena.

"@Home's broad distribution combined with Microsoft technology will create new and compelling Internet experiences never before possible, such as near-CD quality audio, full motion video, and active desktop applications," said Cameron Myhrvold, vice president of Microsoft's Internet customer unit.

Also part of the deal: @Home will incorporate Windows NT as part of its network infrastructure. The corporate end of @Home, dubbed @Work, will support Windows NT as a small business solution as well.

@Home is the leading player in the cable Internet access market \[I am currently using the @Home service to access the Net.--Paul\]

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