GraphOn Releases Go-Global XP

GraphOn announced the availability of GO-Global XP, the company's latest Web-enabling software for Windows applications. GO-Global XP provides fast performance and low bandwidth requirements to run full-featured Windows applications over the Internet, LANs, WANs, or dial-up connections on any PC, Macintosh, or Java device or browser as though the applications were running locally. Like the rest of the GO-Global family of infrastructure software, GO-Global XP virtually eliminates any load on the desktop or display device. GO-Global XP replaces Bridges for Windows and is marketed worldwide to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and enterprise customers. GraphOn gives ISVs an OEM licensing and branding kit that lets ISVs apply their own brand to GO-Global XP and create Web-enabled versions of their existing Win32 applications. By including GO-Global with their applications, ISVs can reduce time to market by making Web applications accessible using a native solution or a Web browser/Java applet solution--without having to re-engineer the applications.

New features in GO-Global XP include centralized licensing for GO-Global XP (which, in later versions, will reportedly apply to all versions of the software, regardless of platform), greater speed and lower bandwidth requirements, a Web-based installer that can automatically distribute the client component from a centralized server, local file and printing access for GO-Global clients, a shared clipboard for local and remote applications, and connection rate-detection for dynamic tuning to network speed.

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