Global Council of CSOs

Ten chief security officers of well-known corporations have banded together to form the new Global Council of CSOs. The council's purpose is to serve as a think tank to find ways to meet new challenges in information security.

Howard A. Schmidt, former White House cyber-security advisor, said "The role of the Chief Security Officer is relatively new in business and government, and yet it has quickly become one of the most critical positions of our time. With the Global Council of CSOs, we can begin to jointly address the broader issues of national security, business continuity and technology development."

The council was formed by CSOs of American companies however the council said that it would select CSOs from international company's for membership to the council. Founding members include Howard A Schmidt of eBay, Bill Boni of Motorola, Vint Cerf of MCI, Scott Charney of Microsoft, Dave Cullinane of Washington Mutual, Mary Ann Davidson of Oracle, Whit Diffie of Sun Microsystems, Steve Katz formerly of Citigroup, Rhonda MacLean of Bank of America, and Will Pelgrin of New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure.

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