Giving credit where credit is due

I got a nice note last night from Chris Pirillo, who publishes the excellent Lockergnome newsletter. He just wanted to let me know that he had published the information about the IE 5.0 Easter Eggs a few days ago and that he realized this sort of stuff gets around the Net. However, I'm pretty sensitive to these sorts of issues as many of you realize. And while I'm sure I've mentioned Lockergnome in the past, if you haven't checked it out, please do so. Chris publishes daily and weekly versions of the newsletter (I subscribe to the weekly version, which is why I hadn't seen the IE 5.0 Easter Egg story yet) and Chris, in turn subscribes to WinInfo. The two newsletters are complimentary, not competitive: While WinInfo focuses mostly on Windows news, Lockergnome is an excellent source for all kinds of Windows information, including free downloads, Web sites, fonts and themes, and the like. In any event, I'm already making a bigger deal of this than Chris would probably like (sorry!) but he does some great work and I, of all people, understand the time and effort this sort of thing takes. Thanks Chris,


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