Gates makes largest charitable donations ever

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have donated over $3.3 billion this week, making their gifts the largest charitable donations ever made. $2.23 billion was donated to the William H. Gates foundation, which is named after Gates' father. The foundation was established to provide grants to causes related to world health, population, education, and other services in the Seattle area. Another $1.15 billion was donated to the Gates Learning Foundation, which is dedicated to providing computers and Internet access to lower income families and schools.

Interestingly, the Gates never intended for these gifts to go public, but a reporter from Fortune magazine discovered that a $1 billion gift from Gates last year went virtually uncovered in the press. The same reporter also discovered these gifts, so the Gates decided to make an announcement. The Gates has donated over $5 billion to these two charities since 1994

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