Gates hosts third CEO Summit

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates hosted his third annual CEO Summit this week at the Microsoft campus, outlining his view of the roles businesses will play empowering their workers with future technology. More than 100 CEOs showed up to take part in the summit, which consisted of presentations and interactive discussion groups.

"We are honored to have this distinguished group of business leaders on the Microsoft campus to explore the latest developments in information technology," Gates said. "The companies represented here today employ more than 6 million workers, and technology is a growing part of the way they relate to each other and to customers. Our goal is to help create an opportunity for companies to explore best practices and innovative ways of empowering these knowledge workers so they can be more productive and better serve their customers. When knowledge workers have no limits, entire organizations can stay one step ahead of the competition and provide benefit to their customers."

"Knowledge workers without limits" was the theme of this year's summit, which included strategies for empowering workers

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