Gates gets pie in the face

An anarchist group from Europe is claiming responsibility for a bizarre cream pie attack on Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates on Wednesday. The attack occurred in Brussels, Belgium as Gates was walking from a car toward a hall for a conference speech attended by 450 government and business leaders. Two men were taken into custody for throwing the cream pies at Gates; at least one struck him in the face. Gates said he would not be pressing charges.

"A group based out of Belgium makes it a practice of targeting public figures with these pranks," said a Microsoft representative. "They are notorious for throwing pies for publicity and possibly even for commercial profit to sell pictures or \[video\]. Bill was able to laugh about it and, fortunately, clean up and move on."

Noel Godin, the leader of the group, is known as "L'Antartreur," which is French for "the pieman." He claimed responsibility for the attack and was reportedly dismayed by Gates' humble reaction. His group repeatedly pie attacks people who respond poorly to the prank; apparently Gates has nothing to fear

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