First DSL service launched in Phoenix

What is it about Phoenix? First we get cable modems, and now the center of the American Southwest is the first in the nation to get Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet access service. US West formerly launched the service, dubbed MegaBit Services, this week. It provides high speed (192Kbps to 704Kbps) Internet access on a constant, 24/7 connection now available to about one-third of the population of Phoenix and the surrounding area.

The home version offers 192Kbps service for about $40 a month. The small office version offers 320Kbps service for $65 a month. The high-end version, which offers 704Kbps access speed, costs $125 a month. For more information, please visit the MegaBit Services homepage.

And yes, it is good living in Phoenix. :

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