Find out whether you're Windows 2000 compatible

Though Windows 2000 is going to support a vast array of hardware and software, it still won't approach the compatibility offered by Windows 98. To ensure that users aren't disillusioned by the Windows 2000 upgrade, Microsoft has released a beta version of its upcoming Windows 2000 Upgrade Compatibility Tool, which you can to discover any potential hardware and software issues.

The Windows 2000 Upgrade Compatibility Tool can be used to determine whether the hardware and software installed on your Windows 9x or NT 4.0 computer is compatible with Windows 2000. Although Windows 2000 Setup automatically checks your components during Setup, you can run the tool before you install Windows 2000 to ensure a successful installation. The Windows 2000 Compatibility Tool creates a report of your installed components, including any incompatible components. With Beta 3 now in widespread availability, it's a good idea to check for problems before wiping your system out inadvertently.

You can download the Windows 2000 Upgrade Compatibility Tool now from the Microsoft FTP site

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