Find the IE 5.0 Easter Eggs

While it's somewhat disheartening to think of programmers adding Easter Eggs to a product whose full download size exceeds 100 MB, there is probably still a huge number of people who are excited to know what they are. Well, thanks to WinInfo subscriber Peter Tilbrook, we have them:

  • IE 5.0 Easter Egg #1
    1. Open up Notepad
    2. Type "" (no quotes, and remove the space between the 'Save the file as "test.htm" (it must be saved as an HTM file)
    3. Open up "test.htm" in IE 5

  • IE 5.0 Easter Egg #2
    1. Open up IE 5
    2. From the menu, select Tools > Internet Options > General > Languages button
    3. Press the Add button
    4. Type "ie-ee" (no quotes) and click OK
    5. Move "User Defined \[ie-ee\]" to the top of the list
    6. Exit back to where you can browse in IE 5 again
    7. Click on the Search toolbar button (to open Search Assistant)
    8. Click Customize
    9. Also, select Previous Searches

  • 16-bit IE 5.0 Easter Egg (unconfirmed)
    1. Open up 16-bit version of IE 5
    2. Type CTRL+F to open the Find dialog
    3. Type "" (no quotes)
    4. Select the Up radio button
    5. Click on Find Next


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