Final take (for now) on Linux vs. NT

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that's written in about the Linux and Windows NT benchmarks. This whole issue may be remembered as an interesting point of change in the NT/Linux relationship months from now, and it's interesting to see the various sides square off against each other. If you're looking for more information about this topic, I've gotten a variety of links from readers that may be interest. None of these are particularly pro-Microsoft, but then maybe that's why they're interesting.

  • Highly tuned NT whips barely tuned Linux in Microsoft-backed test
    This report by [email protected] Reseller examines the Mindcraft tests and reveals that the testers were far more well-versed in tuning NT than they were in tuning Linux. Still, it reaches an interesting conclusion: "It's likely that a highly tuned NT, on the Mindcraft SMP platform, would prove a bear for even a tuned Linux to defeat. For NT, this kind of machine is a home field. For Linux, at this point in its development, it's an away field -- far, far from home."

  • Mindcraft Reality Check
    E.L. Green of Linux Hardware Solutions presents his rebuttal to the Mindcraft tests. Highly Linux-biased and in need of editing ("personnel" vs. "personal" for starters). Still, his perspective as a Linux professional is what makes this worth reading.

  • A look at the Mindcraft report
    Linux Weekly News presents another rebuttal of the Mindcraft report. I really respect LWN and use it as a source of Linux news; this article appears to be an educated response.
On that note, I'd like to drop this issue for now. :)


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