Exclusive interview with Microsoft's Kevin Bachus tomorrow

I will be talking with Brian Bachus, the DirectX program manager, tomorrow about Microsoft's point of view in the OpenGL vs. Direct3D issue and claims they made at the Meltdown summit. For those of you who aren't familiar with Meltdown, it is a semi-annual get-together for DirectX games developers sponsored by Microsoft. At the latest Meltdown last week, games developers got a chance to test their products on DirectX 5.0, which was recently completed. During this session, developers were told of Microsoft's current intent to continue the support of OpenGL and plans for the future of DirectX.

"Microsoft assured IHVs and ISVs that, contrary to rumor, it has no intention to end its industry-leading support for OpenGL and that it plans to continue supporting the 3D standard on its Windows NT, Windows 95 and Memphis platforms," said Bachus. "We clearly outlined our intention to increase our pace of innovation in Direct3D by creating a consolidated 3D graphics group inside the Windows NT product unit that will focus on innovating the API. Developers were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about this move."

For more information on Meltdown, please visit the Meltdown Web site and stay tuned to WinInfo tomorrow for Bachus' comments on recent events in the gaming industry

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