Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative Formed

Last week at the NetWorld+Interop tradeshow in Las Vegas, Quantum announced the formation of a new coalition dedicated to providing business with emerging backup hardware and software technologies for improved data protection. The coalition is calling the initiative the Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative (EBSI). Founding members of EBSI include Atempo, Legato Systems, Network Appliance (NetApp), OTG Software, QLogic, and Quantum. According to Quantum, "The EBSI is a coordinated effort to address \[backup challenges\] with the industry's most innovative approach to backup through disk-based solutions that complement tape libraries, optimize backup performance, and provide seamless interoperability while preserving customers' existing investments in backup hardware, software, and operational procedures."

EBSI members are working together to test, integrate, and certify their products to enable enhanced backup solutions. In the future, some of the solutions that members plan to initiate include serverless archive, to allow data to back up directly to a backup target without needing to go through a server; synthetic full backup, to allow incremental backups to reconstitute into a synthesized full backup at a future time; distributed backup targets and centralized backup archives, to allow the distribution of disk-based backup targets throughout an enterprise and varying geographic locations while consolidating archives in a single manageable location; virtualization of tape systems, to allow the life of existing investments to be extended by reducing the need for archive-system upgrades to occur at the same rate as backup target upgrades; and backup data post-processing, to allow the reformatting or reorganizing of backed-up data so that users can restore data faster when needed.


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