eEye Digital Security and St. Bernard Software Bundle Software

eEye Digital Security and St. Bernard Software have announced a strategic partnership to bundle eEye's Retina Network Security Scanner software with St. Bernard's UpdateEXPERT software. The software bundle will let administrators use Retina Network Security Scanner to scans for security vulnerabilities and use UpdateEXPERT to help correct the problem by guiding the administrator through the process of installing patches and making configuration adjustments.

"We chose to partner with eEye Digital Security, because we appreciate that policy-based security practices start with vulnerability assessment," said John Jones, CEO of St. Bernard Software. "\[We feel that\] Retina is the best network security assessment product available today, and UpdateEXPERT is a natural extension to scanning for such vulnerabilities. In the end, Retina scans to help customers find security holes, and UpdateEXPERT fixes the software holes reliably."

An eEye spokersperson said, "UpdateEXPERT customers have expressed the need to link the product with vulnerability assessment scanners. Retina customers, in turn, have expressed their desire to fix vulnerabilities." Retina Network Security Scanner, which won the Blue Ribbon in the recent Network World Buyer's Guide, was selected as the best of eight competing security scanners in terms of speed, accuracy, and ease of use. More information about the eEye and St. Bernard partnership is available on eEye's Web site.

TAGS: Security
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