Dole, judge Bork to fight Microsoft

Former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole will join forces with former appeals judge Robert Bork to lobby against the anti-competitive practices of Microsoft corporation. The pair will announce the "Project to Promote Competition and Innovation in the Digital Age," or ProComp, tomorrow, a group that includes Microsoft competitors such as Netscape, Sun, Oracle, SPA, and others. The announcement comes on the same day that Microsoft will meet with the DOJ before a three judge panel to argue whether the preliminary injunction handed to Microsoft late last year was fair. In December, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson temporarily ordered Microsoft to stop forcing hardware manufacturers to accept a version of Windows 95 that was bundled with Internet Explorer.

Tomorrow's announcement will take place in Washington. The union of Dole and Bork with ProComp is significant because the two public servants earned their reputations in part for opposing government intervention in the marketplace

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