Dell introduces legacy-free WebPC

Dell Computer on Tuesday introduced its entry into the legacy-free post-PC era, a device it calls the WebPC. Designed to occupy only one-third the desk space of a conventional PC, the WebPC comes in a variety of configurations and features snap-off panels that can be interchanged for a variety of color combinations. WebPCs start at $1000 but quickly rise over $2000 once you add features such as flat panel displays.

"The quality of the customer's experience will be the defining source of loyalty in the Internet era," said Dell CEO Michael Dell. "The WebPC is breaking new ground for our industry as we take our one-on-one relationships with customers to a new level of helpfulness."

With five USB ports and a handy built-in self-diagnostic program, the WebPC is designed to make Internet computing easier for the masses. The WebPC will come on instantly like a TV set and connect to a variety of digital entertainment devices such as portable music players, printers, and Internet phones.

For more information about the WebPC, please visit the Dell Computer Web site

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