Dell Computer surges to the top

Dell Computer is on track to sell over 2 million personal computers this quarter, and the company currently makes over $6 million a day from sales off of its Web site, which is probably the most lucrative E-commerce venture on the Internet. Dell's growth rate is unheard of: Just last June, they hit the $1 million mark in quarterly sales, while last March they were selling one million machines a quarter.

Perhaps most amazing about Dell is the types of systems they sell: The company offers virtually no low-end systems and their best-seller is a 400 MHz Pentium II system with a 19" monitor. Contrast this with distant competitor Gateway, whose best-seller is an entry-level Celeron system that sells for thousands less.

"The goal is to, by the end of year 2000, be doing half of our business online," says Dell spokesman Dwayne Cox. Currently, Dell's Internet sales account for 11% of its total sales. Last quarter, Dell broke even with Compaq Computer for the number one spot position in PC sales. Look for Dell to break ahead of Compaq this quarter

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