Create a List of Applications on the Windows 8 Task Bar

Create a List of Applications on the Windows 8 Task Bar

Q: Is there an easy way on my Windows 8 desktop to have a list of applications pinned to my task bar?

A: Many people still want the Start menu in Windows 8. They either haven't gotten used to the Start Screen or just prefer the idea of the Start menu. Some third-party solutions add a Start menu back to Windows 8 (such as Start8), but it's also possible to do it yourself by simply pinning a folder to the task bar:

  1. Create a folder in your system that will host the popular application shortcuts.
  2. Create shortcuts to the applications you want displayed in that folder (right-click the source EXE, then in the target folder right-click and select Paste shortcut).
  3. Right-click the task bar and under Toolbars, select New toolbar...
  4. Select the folder you created.
  5. You can rename the shortcut folder to whatever you need, and see all the shortcuts in the folder (see screen shot).

Taskbar shortcuts

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