Companies Demonstrate Fibre Channel over IP

Companies Demonstrate Fibre Channel over IP

   Cisco Systems, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), and Sprint have demonstrated technology that will help significantly decrease the cost of remote storage and recovery by using the IP networking protocol. The companies have successfully tested asynchronous data replication, which lets you copy data to a remote data-storage location, over an IP network using Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) technology. The distance between the two locations is more than 3600 miles. FCIP technology is expected to offer lower-cost options for companies looking for remote disaster recovery. The companies' demonstration shows that taking advantage of existing IP low-cost IP networks, such as the Internet, rather than using expensive dedicated fiber optic networks to replicate data, is possible.

   The demonstration used a link from Sprint's lab in Overland Park, Kansas, to replicate the data to another Sprint lab in Burlingame, California. Equipment used in the link included a private Sprint circuit, Cisco MDS 900 SAN switches with IP Storage modules, and Hitachi Freedom Storage Lightning 9900 V Series systems running Hitachi's TrueCopy data replication software.

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