Client Error Using Citrix Nfuse 1.0

I'm setting up a Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 farm on Windows 2000 Server and configuring the setup so that users can access it with Citrix Nfuse 1.0 on a Microsoft IIS 4.0 server. Currently, whenever I click an application icon from a Windows 98 workstation, the system tells me that I must download the file boilerplate.asp. Why does this happen?

You're probably experiencing one of two problems. Either the MIME type for ICA is not registered on your Web server, or the ICA client isn't installed properly on your Win98 machine.

MIME associates a file type with a proper helper application or viewer. You might recall that in IIS 3.0, you have to use a Registry editor to edit the MIME type. In IIS 4.0, however, the MIME type configuration resides in the metabase.bin file, which you can find in the %SystemRoot%\system32\inetsrv directory. You can't edit the metabase.bin file directly—you must use the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) on the IIS server. To register the MIME type for ICA on your Web server,

  1. Go to the Web Site Properties, HTTP Headers property sheet.
  2. In the File Types dialog box, select New Types.
  3. Key in the information for the ICA file type:
    Associated extension: .ica
    Content type (MIME): application/x-ica,ica 

Proper installation of the ICA client differs depending on the client you use:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) is an easy one to deal with. If you run from the Nfuse interface using IE as an embedded application, the client looks for the .cab file and installs automatically. (You will see an install certificate.) If you run the application as linked, you can achieve the same effect by adding the following command to the body of applist.asp:
<OBJECT classid="clsid:238f6f83-b8b4-11cf-8771-00a024541ee3" 
	>THE Object</OBJECT>;

To register the MIME type for Internet Explorer (IE) on a Win32 client quickly, create a text file named ica.reg and insert the following text:

	\[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/x-ica\]

Then double-click the file.

  • Netscape Navigator doesn't install automatically, so you must install it manually for each client. (You might have to set up the MIME type as well.)
  • The Java Applet Mode client is the ICA Java client that installs on the Citrix server. The applet downloads automatically to the client. (You should see an install certificate.)
  • The Java Application Mode client is the client that installs on the client workstation. You must install this client manually on each client workstation. (You must configure the MIME type manually.)

If the system continues to prompt you to download boilerplate.asp, your Web server isn't properly set up to run ASP pages. You can test the setup by writing a test .asp file (or you can download one from the ASP 101 Web site and running it on your Web server. If the test file fails, you need to update IIS for ASP scripting support. If you must install .asp support on the IIS server, you should reinstall the NFuse Web extensions.

If all else fails, try going to the IIS Web server and clicking the Home Directory tab to ensure that the value for the Execute Permissions field is either Scripts or Scripts and Executables.

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