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One of the most pleasing things that came out of last week's little plagiarism fiasco was a chance to exchange email with Woody Leonard, an incredible author and icon in the computer industry. At the risk of embarrassing him further, Woody is the reason I got into technology writing in the first place, and his book "Windows Programming for Mere Mortals" should be given to each and every person that attempts to set thought to paper: It's the perfect example that, yes, you can write intelligently and humorously about computers and programming. Over the years, I've followed his writing career and it's likely that most of you have bought some of his books, from the "Mother Of All" series to his latest gig with O'Reilly's excellent "Annoyances" series. He's also responsible for the must-have collection of Office tools and add-ins known as Woody's Office Power Pack, or "WOPR."

Yeah, he makes me look bad.

But it gets better. Woody also hosts an excellent Office newsletter called "Woody's Office Watch" ("WOW"), a free weekly email bulletin for the Office user, abuser, victim, pandit or pundit, as he says. In other words, if you want to squeeze every last bit of performance out of Office *and* keep on top of the latest Office news and rumors, this is the place to turn. Please take the time to visit Woody's Web site and sign up for WOW; I'm positive you'll learn something new and get a kick out of it. The Web site also includes WOPR and links to buy all of Woody's books at a discount.


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