Calm before the storm

Friday passed without incident or comment from either side in the Microsoft anti-trust battle, but Microsoft did meet with the DOJ and representatives from some of the states seeking to curb the Redmond giant. On Thursday, Microsoft effected a temporary truce by delaying the RTM (Release To Manufacturing) date of Windows 98 so that the two sides could spend time talking. Friday's meeting was the first of such get-togethers, though nothing further is known at this time about it at this time.

"The Justice Department, a coalition of state attorneys general and Microsoft are engaged in discussions. They have reached an agreement under which, while the discussions continue over the next several days, Microsoft will not ship Windows 98, and the Justice Department and the states will not file lawsuits," the DOJ said in a statement on Tuesday.

Despite rumors to the contrary, it is unlikely that the states or the DOJ will seek to block the sale of Windows 98, which is due June 25. Instead, both are working on far wider anti-trust suits against the company, which attack Microsoft's allegedly anti-competitive habits. Microsoft says it believes it will be subjected to lawsuits should the talks break down. These talks will continue through the weekend

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