Caldera's lawsuit against Microsoft expands

Lost in all of the legal turmoil surrounding Microsoft these days is a long-outstanding lawsuit from Caldera that will go to court in November. At issue is Microsoft's alleged attempts to push DR DOS out of the market back in the DOS/Windows 3.1 days. Caldera picked up the rights to DR DOS--along with the Microsoft--lawsuit from Novell a few years ago. Caldera is best known as the seller of a commercial version of Linux, a UNIX-like operating system that is popular with college students and the Amish (well, OK, not the Amish).

While the Caldera lawsuit hasn't gotten a lot of press lately, there are some interesting new developments. Originally, the antitrust lawsuit was limited to alleged wrongdoing regarding DOS and Windows 3.1. Yesterday, a federal magistrate judge allowed Caldera to amend the lawsuit to include Windows 95.

"Until the court allowed us to include Windows 95 in our lawsuit, the case we've had has been very historical in nature," said Lyle Ball, a Caldera spokesperson. "Now it includes current behavior, so we get to use evidence we've gathered post-1995 to also prove our allegations against Microsoft." Microsoft will attempt to postpone the trial at a hearing set for tomorrow

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