Bill Gates meets with 100 CEOs

One hundred top CEOs from 25 companies met with Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and other company officials this week for two days of speeches and discussions about making their companies more competitive in the digital age. Gates warned them not to be "lulled to sleep" if they don't get immediate results from the Internet.

"Within 10 years, the majority of all adults will be using electronic mail and living a Web lifestyle," he predicted.

Gates also outlined his vision of the future for the CEOs and predicted a world of computing that will exist ten years from now. Computers will respond to voice as keyboard and mouse devices fall in popularity. To search the Internet, we'll simply ask the computer a question. "Ninety percent of the code in software will be used for speaking, listening, recognizing handwriting and understanding linguistics," Gates said.

In Gates' vision of the future, the "paperless office" will become a reality. Challenges for the industry include scalability and system administration. Soon, Gates said, PCs will blow past mainframes and workstations.

United States Vice President Al Gore also addressed attendees

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