"Best of Tech Ed 2006" Winners

This year’s categories included: Best New Product, Most Innovative Product, Business Intelligence Systems, Database Development and Administration, Developer Tools, Hardware Solutions, Messaging, Productivity and Collaboration, Security, Software Components & Middleware, and Systems Management and Operations.

Altiris was awarded Best New Product for its Software Virtualization Solution (SVS). “SVS stands out as the best new product because it allows users to eliminate application conflicts by maintaining unique and separate file and registry settings for virtualized applications. This solution stands out because of its practical value and ability to help users overcome common problems quickly and easily through application virtualization,” said Otey.

The Most Innovative Award went to PolyServe’s Database Utility for SQL Server. “We selected PolyServe’s Database Utility for SQL Server because it addresses availability and maintenance with a new, forward-thinking approach. Using a feature called dynamic rehosting, it enables SQL Server instances to be shifted between different host servers within seconds using a shared store architecture. Dynamic rehosting provides high availability of SQL Server services as well as one-click system maintenance,” commented Otey.

Independent Computer Systems Ltd.’s RSinteract product won in the Business Intelligence Systems category. “RSinteract provides a simple report design interface that allows end users to quickly build new reports or customize existing reports on any data source defined in Reporting Services. Because it is a server-based web application, it requires no client software or plug-ins. The simple user interface allows business users to interactively browse data, create and deploy reports to share with other users, and virtually eliminate the need for IT intervention,” said May.

Quest’s Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise took the award in the Database Development and Administration category. “Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise helps DBAs quickly resolve problems by combining data from multiple sources including SQL Server, Windows performance counters, and registry data and traces,” said Otey. “Spotlight’s graphical dashboard display gives the DBA a quick overview of the overall system health, plus it allows the DBA to quickly drill down to the underlying server processes.”

In the Developer Tools category, Compuware’s DevPartner garnered the Best of Tech Ed award because it, “enhances the capabilities of the Visual Studio Team System by adding software quality and code analysis capabilities for both .NET and unmanaged applications,” said Otey. “Built-in expert coding advice, standards, and best practices guide the developer, ultimately resulting in higher quality code throughout the software development lifecycle. DevPartner can review source code against predefined rules and standards as well as track and optimize system resource usage and identify application performance problem areas.”

The Hardware Solutions category winner is Intel’s new Centrino Duo Mobile dual-core mobile-processor technology. “The Centrino Duo Mobile offers unique value and competitive differentiation with its two mobile-optimized execution cores in a single processor. The Mobile Intel 945 Express chipset offers terrific performance for flexible and scalable platforms, as well as dual-channels DR2 memory at 667MHz. Combined with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, the chipset delivers fine graphics performance on mobile systems,” according to Eno.

Zenprise won in the Messaging category. “Zenprise provides a powerful automated email problem resolution solution that collects operational data from across the entire Exchange infrastructure. It constructs a baseline profile showing typical system activity and performance levels and automatically analyzes deviations from these baselines, matching the symptoms against possible causes. The product then provides a series of steps that the administrator can follow to resolve the problem,” said Otey.

In the Productivity and Collaboration category, Neverfail Group’s Neverfail for SharePoint took the honors. Bovberg said this product “is a high-availability solution that helps ensure high productivity for SharePoint users by protecting physical server hardware, OSs, and any other attached network infrastructure components. It takes corrective action when necessary while remaining completely transparent to the user. The product also protects all servers that produce SharePoint content, such as SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Public Folders, or file servers.”

In the Security category, NetIQ’s Security Manager 5.5 won because it “provides a comprehensive security solution for the heterogeneous enterprise,” as noted by Otey. “Security Manager 5.5 provides real-time intrusion detection response capabilities as well as security log management and forensics for all of the different platforms that comprise the enterprise, including Windows, UNIX and Linux servers and network firewall devices. The built-in comprehensive security knowledge base helps the administrator to quickly understand and respond to threats at all levels.”

ComponentOne’s Studio Enterprise 2006 won the award in the Software Components and Middleware category. “With over 100 native .NET controls, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise simplifies the development experience providing a richer and easier to use toolset than the basic components offered by Visual Studio. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2006 includes a wide variety of UI controls. Most notable are a .NET Chart control, an ADO.NET Data Extender control, and royalty free reporting components that support PDF output. In addition, ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2006 includes support for the .NET Framework 2.0, smart designers, and AJAX,” said Otey.

Configuresoft’s Enterprise Configuration Manager was honored in the Systems Management and Operations category. “For systems administrators who want not only complete control but also remediation capabilities, Configuresoft’s Enterprise Configuration Manager is a solution that answers the questions you don’t know to ask. This enterprise configuration management product enables cross-platform management and can monitor, manage and audit hardware and software configurations for the servers and clients in the organization,” said Eisenberg.

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