Best Hardware - 14 Sep 2004

Readers selected Dell's PowerEdge servers as their hardware of choice. "Dependable," "consistent," and "reliable" are three words that readers used over and over again to describe PowerEdge servers. One reader wrote, "After 7-plus years of PowerEdge server service, there hasn't been a single major failure on our server farm." Another wrote, "PowerEdge servers run long and problem-free. They're well tested and work. They're all you need in a machine."

The PowerEdge SC line is the entry-level, single-processor solution for small businesses. The line is designed to incorporate the common set of features that a small business needs, including the ability to integrate remote management capabilities, without the overhead cost associated with four-processor servers.

For datacenter deployments, the PowerEdge 1750, a 1U (1.75") system, and the PowerEdge 2650, a 2U (3.5") system, provide a scalable, high-performance environment for growing businesses. Available as rack servers, the PowerEdge 1750 and PowerEdge 2650 systems maximize speed, uptime, and manageability.

For customers running large databases (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle) and large business applications (e.g., SAP, PeopleSoft) that require high availability, the PowerEdge 6600 and PowerEdge 6650 servers feature built-in failover capabilities. The PowerEdge 6600 is a 7U (12.25") rack-mount 4-way server. The PowerEdge 6650 provides the same features as the PowerEdge 6600 but in a 4U (7") rack-dense form factor.

Dell introduced the PowerEdge brand in 1996. The product line has expanded from mid-tier and low-tier products to top-tier mission-critical servers. According to Neil Hand, director of worldwide enterprise marketing for Dell, "Dell's mission and focus behind the PowerEdge line is to provide a complete portfolio of compatible products rather than multiple potentially competing portfolios of products. That means providing Intel-architecture servers that range from single-processor smaller business design systems up to four-processor, scalable, clusterable servers for large databases in the Fortune-level customer base."

When voting in the Best Hardware category, Windows IT Pro readers not only made mention of the excellence of Dell's product line but also noted the company's great service and support. Dell provides PowerEdge customers with base support, which includes a 3-year product warranty with onsite maintenance. Additional service and support packages are available.

2nd Place — HP Proliant Servers HP
3rd Place — ThinkPad
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