'Back Orifice': Much ado about nothing?

After a more careful reading of the CDC Web site, thanks to the urging of several readers, I must say I'm a little less worried about the "Back Orifice" hacking tool. It seems this tool is targeted solely at Windows 95 and 98 machines, not NT, making it far less worrisome: The security features in Windows 9x are notoriously pathetic, so I'm not all that sure that this tool is the black plague we might have feared. As the text on its Web site (poorly) reads:

"Back Orifice is a remote administration system which allows a user to control a computer across a \[TCP/IP\] connection using a simple console or \[GUI\] application. On a local \[LAN\] or across the \[Internet\], Back Orifice gives its user more control of the remote Windows machine than the person at the keyboard."

In any event, it's probably common knowledge that Windows 95 and 98 aren't exactly secure, but I also believe that system administrators will want to check out this admittedly devious tool

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