Apple's colored iMacs falter at retail

It looks like Apple's strategy for tasty colored computers is falling on deaf ears: According to market researcher PC Data, the Apple iMac has fallen off of the top five best selling PCs list, dropping to number six since the release of the colored versions. And oddly enough, the only iMacs that are selling fairly well are the older, slower "bondi blue" models, which are steeply discounted. When the sales of all colored iMacs are added up, the iMac falls even further on the list, to number eleven.

PC Data says that the reasons for the fall are obvious: The average price of an Intel-based PC has fallen to $928, about $300 less than the base price of an iMac, which is Apple's low-end system. In fact, the top seller in April was a $669 Compaq model. Computers that cost $1200 and above, PC Data says, continue to draw fewer buyers

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