Apple news and murmurs

Expect some stunning news from Apple tomorrow as massive layoffs are announced. In the meantime, a couple of interesting tidbits are coming out of Cupertino today. Ellen Hancock, recently deposed as head of Apple's R&D department is apparently staying on solely to improve her severence package. According to USA Today, Steve Jobs has often referred to Hancock as a "bozo." Hancock's response is that she and Jobs simply agree on some things and disagree on others. Insiders call the relationship frosty and expect her to depart as soon as she can.

In other Apple news, CEO Gil Amelio announced at Spring Internet World yesterday that the company's success would hinge on successes in niche markets such as Internet publishing. On that note, Apple will redouble efforts to support content creators. Apple stills contends that 64% of all Web content is created on Macintoshes, thought few doubt that figure is still valid. Coming up for Apple content creators: the newly christened Mac OS 8.0, formerly known as Tempo. Mac OS 8 will include many of the features originally planned for Copland, including a multithreaded Finder and the nice 3D look familiar to Windows users. Other feature of MacOS 8 include a personal Web server and a runtime library for Java. Also, Apple will be releasing QuickTime 3.0, which incorporates Macromedia Director support.

Apple will also be porting WebObjects to the Macintosh while they continue to upgrade and support the existing OpenStep and Windows NT versions. WebObjects, acquired with the purchase of NeXT, is used to create Web- based applications

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