Apple execs pull odd prank

Proving that men are simply boys with bigger toys, interim Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Apple board member Larry Ellison sent prank emails this week to a California man who had been pestering Apple. Apparently, Michael Murdock, upset that Apple has yet to find a permanent CEO, has been spamming the company with emails, letters, and phone calls offering his services as CEO.

Frustrated with Murdock, Ellison and Jobs personally responded to Murdock. First, Ellison sent him an email "OK. You can have the job. - Larry." Jobs chimed in with his own email: "Yep, Mike, it's all yours. When can you start?"

This would all be fun and games were it not for the fact that Apple told Murdock he would be arrested if he showed up at the company's offices after the poor guy responded.

Happy New Year, Mike

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