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An app for that: Microsoft Server Posters

An app for that: Microsoft Server Posters

For a couple years now, Microsoft has been releasing poster-sized PDFs that detail specific server technologies.  The PDFs are viewable on your computer or device and a lot of times are interactive.  They are also great for printing out to hang in your cubicle or on a datacenter wall.  If you have attended TechEd in the past, Microsoft hands out the full-sized printed versions of the posters from their booths in the Microsoft pavilion. The posters have been well received and adorn many a techie’s wall.

Talking with some good Microsoft friends at MMS 2013, I glanced up during our conversation to see what was actually being promoted at the specific kiosk.  I casually dropped back into the conversation, but a few seconds later something registered.  Microsoft has released a Windows 8/RT app that provides all known, current server posters.  I took a brief look and had the app explained to me, and once I returned home from MMS 2013, I took a deeper look.

Server Posterpedia is the name of the app and, as I noted, provides all currently released technical posters.  It allows you view and learn all about Microsoft server technologies in a graphical, interactive, easy to understand format. The app also links directly to Microsoft TechNet and Microsoft MSDN content for those times when you want to know more than the poster provides.  Posters are currently available for Windows Server, SharePoint Server, SQL Server, Office, Exchange Server, Windows Azure, and Lync Server, with many more promised to be on the way.

You can get the app by searching the Windows Store for “Posterpedia”, or use the link below:


 Server Posterpedia app for Windows  in the Windows Store


There’s even a website dedicated to the app here:

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