AMD renames K6 3D, will pursue Pentium II

Advanced Micro Designs (AMD) has renamed its K6 3D microprocessor only days before its launch and may price it to compete head-to-head with Intel's market-leading Pentium II. Now dubbed the K6-2, the new chip is expected on May 28. It is designed specifically for graphics operations, and works particularly well with games. It is also compatible with 100 MHz motherboards, though not the Slot 1 systems Pentium II's use: the K6-2 will utilize the same "Socket 7" motherboards used by the Pentium and Pentium MMX. It will also work with the more typical 66 MHz buses, for backwards compatibility.

As for performance, the K6-2 will match the Pentium II.

"The K6-2 will perform comparably to the Pentium II of a comparable speed," said an AMD spokesperson. The initial speed of the K6-2 will be 266 MHz.

AMD will follow the May launch of the K6-2 with a 350 MHz version and a newer version of the K6-2, which will sport a new name and feature more L2 cache, like the Pentium II.

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