Q. Are there any Windows 7-based slate devices?

A. As if to celebrate Windows 7’s first birthday, the first major Windows 7 based slate device, the HP Slate 500, was released on Oct. 25.

It's available only in the U.S. and it's targeted at the enterprise. It starts at $799, including a nice docking device. It has an Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, up to 64GB of solid state storage, Windows 7 Professional, 8.9 inch screen, USB support, camera, and a battery life of about five hours. It will be available through the HP direct sales force and HP.com. More details can be found on the HP site.

Below are some links to more information:

HP Promo video
Review Video of the unit
Other details

Many more Windows-based slates will be released in the coming months, including devices from Dell, Archos, Asus, and ExoPC. This is great news—you can have the full Windows experience on these slate devices, both online and offline, without having to use the infrastructure-heavy back-end VDI environments required for non-Windows slates.

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