Windows 10 to Aid in Microsoft's Mobile Payment Struggles

Windows 10 to Aid in Microsoft's Mobile Payment Struggles

Despite reports of Apple Pay being easily scammed and Google snatching up and shutting down Softcard, the pay-by-mobile industry is moving forward. It might not be moving forward at a frantic pace (Apple Pay adoption sits at only 6%) but the idea of eliminating a multitude of credit cards and wads of cash to carry is palatable and probably is the future.

Amid the all the mobile payment activity by others, Microsoft has been at a standstill in this industry sector. Prior to Google shutting it down, Softcard was the only valid option for Windows Phone users. Now, with that service is gone, things look bleak. The financial services industry itself seems to have it in for Microsoft. Several banks have walked away from Windows Phone support over the past few months, with Chase shuttering its support and its Windows Phone app just last week. Chase still supports iOS and Android. The Android bit is a bit ironic considering that platform isn't considered the most secure in the bunch.

But, the pay with devices movement marches forward and Microsoft knows it must make some movement in this area. At WinHEC last week, Microsoft unveiled some meager news that it is planning Host Card Emulation in Windows 10. Used in conjunction with NFC, the "Tap to Pay" functionality will work in a similar fashion as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Microsoft plans to work with Visa, MasterCard and American Express to enable mobile payments on mobile devices.

Not much more is known at this point, but the function should work across all Windows 10-enabled devices and computers.

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