Resource: Windows 10 Productivity Guides

Resource: Windows 10 Productivity Guides

Windows 10 just passed its one year mark of availability and it is possible a window is opening up for your organization/company beginning to seriously consider a move to the OS in the near future.

Along with many aspects of that decision making process, user training is a very important element to consider and there are some good resources available from Microsoft for that purpose.

These guides from Microsoft are from 2015 but they do a very good job of exposing many elements of Windows 10 and how they impact productivity on the year old operating system. As you will see below, they also provide full overviews and show users how to use these features to their maximum benefit.

These could very easily become the basis for your own end user training.

Here is a rundown of these six guides:

Exploring Windows 10

  • Start Menu
  • Cortana
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Task View
  • Virtual desktops
  • Windows behavior for modern apps
  • Snap enhancements
  • Notification center

Cortana for Windows 10

  • Your personal digital assistant
  • Setup
  • Cortana Home
  • Cortana's Notebook
  • Places
  • Reminders
  • Music
  • Settings

Creating a Portable Windows 10 Environment with Windows To Go

  • Creating a Windows to Go Workspace
  • Suspending Bitlocker on the host computer
  • Updating the configuration
  • Getting apps from the Windows Store

Using Windows 10 Client Hyper-V

  • Practical applications for Client Hyper-V
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Enabling Client Hyper-V
  • Tools
  • What is not included in Cient Hyper-V
  • Limitations of Client Hyper-V

Getting the most out of Microsoft Edge

  • Searching with Microsoft Edge
  • Using the Hub
  • Making Web Notes
  • Getting around with Cortana
  • Making a Reading List
  • Managing Favorites
  • Downloading and Updating
  • Navigating with Edge
  • Using Reading View
  • Using the PDF reader in Edge
  • Opening with Internet Explorer

There is also a guide of Shortcut keys for Windows 10 however, we recently updated all of the available Windows 10 shortcuts in our Keyboard Commandos: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Keyboard Shortcuts article.

All of these guides are available in either Word or PDF formats for download.

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