OneDrive to Get a Big Revamp as Part of Windows 10

OneDrive to Get a Big Revamp as Part of Windows 10

We've heard from Microsoft before on the problems associated with OneDrive, particularly OneDrive synching capabilities. But, now the company has issued a promise that all problems are on tap to be fixed as part of the completion of Windows 10 which should happen later this year.

As it stands now, OneDrive actually has three different sync engines. There's one for the consumer side of Windows 7, 8, and Mac, and another specifically written for the commercial side. And, when Windows 8.1 released, Microsoft decided to develop yet another version of the sync engine. The differences between various the sync engines also represented different ways of synching.  Windows 8.1 introduced the capability to stockpile files in the Cloud, but only store smaller representations locally until offline capability was requested, saving much needed space for devices short on local storage space.

The march to improve OneDrive has already started. Microsoft has already launched unified apps for Windows Phone and Android, and an iOS version is coming shortly. Sync reliability and performance for Windows 7 clients has already been attained and Microsoft will follow up with a Mac version for Business before January's end.

More improvements are on the way, but most importantly, Microsoft is intent on taking the best aspects of the many sync engine versions and merging them into a single, unified product.

For anyone that has experienced problems with OneDrive, this is great news. OneDrive is used every day by multitudes of people and the service is integrated with many other products. I've experienced problems myself in the past and I'm looking forward to the changes.

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