Next Windows 10 Build Delivering Through Windows Update and ISO

Next Windows 10 Build Delivering Through Windows Update and ISO

Capping off a new Windows 10 press event on January 21, Microsoft is planning to deliver a new Build for the next Windows version, either during the event or shortly after. Still in beta, or Technical Preview, the release is said to be targeted more toward consumers, aptly labeled the Consumer Preview. Up until now, Microsoft has provided updates to the early bits to Windows Insiders, the group designated as technical reviewers through voluntary sign-up. Despite some issues late last year, Windows 10 is still running for the majority of those volunteers and Microsoft is taking some of the feedback to heart.

One piece of the feedback being addressed this month is that upgrading to new Builds through the PC Settings App seemed clunky. And, while the Windows Update infrastructure has always been the basis for new Build delivery, this time (and for subsequent Builds) it will deploy through the Windows Update component in Windows 10.

Additionally, one other piece of feedback will be addressed. ISO (OS images) will also be released with the new Build. This allows those familiar with building computers using the images to install the latest Windows 10 Build as a clean installation, and even deploy it to multiple computers. The ISOs will be available right away, provided during Fast Ring availability. Those that have been testing Windows 10 already know that Microsoft delivers the new Builds using two methods: Fast Ring and Slow Ring. Both methods are subject to beta tester selection. The Fast Ring choice allows Windows Insiders to obtain new Builds as soon as they are placed on Microsoft's servers. Slow Ring'ers get them a week or so later. December saw a bad Build for Windows 10 with Microsoft spending the rest of the month delivering fixes to ensure a working environment. This caused many to question their Fast Ring selection and drop back to Slow Ring.

Gabe Aul announced the changes and explained it all on Twitter.

Many expect the new Windows 10 Build to be available when the January 21 event kicks off, but according to Gabe, Microsoft will use the event to only announce when the date when the next Build will be available.

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