Next Version of Windows 10, 'Redstone', Due in 2016

Next Version of Windows 10, 'Redstone', Due in 2016

Windows 10 is not even out the door yet, but rumors are already starting to swirl about an update for Windows 10 that should deliver sometime in 2016. And, if true, this may coincide more closely with the delayed version of a new Windows Server operating system.

Brad Sams over at Neowin unearthed the news today, stating that the codename "Redstone" comes from an item in Minecraft, the popular game Microsoft acquired in September of 2014. Brad also says that Redstone will come in two waves, the first wave is targeted to arrive in June of 2016 and the second wave is scheduled for October of the same year. The "waves" of updates will continue to be tested first by Windows Insiders as Microsoft has decided to keep the group together indefinitely.

Mary Jo Foley has put her speculation to work, too, confirming what we've already come to believe, that Windows 10 could possibly be the last major OS version with only updates delivering to add features and function.

What's most interesting to me about the potential of a 2016 release, is the Windows Server piece. In January Microsoft announced that the next Windows Server version would be delayed until sometime in 2016. As Microsoft continues to focus on the Windows 10 client, very little has been done to deliver updates to the Server Technical Preview. The current Server Technical Preview expires on April 15, 2015. Microsoft has since promised to extend the deadline and then offer the next Build sometime in May.

The Windows 10 client is being built around Microsoft's currently existing server and Cloud offerings. So, it makes sense that a big update will be required to give Windows 10 the ability to utilize any new features provided in a fresh server version. The Redstone update will probably include new technologies, but I can almost bet the bulk of the update will be provided to match newly enhanced server features.

I asked Microsoft about "Redstone" this morning and the response was what I thought it would be:

Currently nothing to share on this.

So, it seems Brad has poked the sleeping bear before it was ready to come out of hibernation. Mary Jo is egging him on from the tree line.

There's no indication yet what exactly will deliver in Redstone, but Windows 10 code is close to lockdown now. Microsoft is still intent on releasing the new operating system this summer.

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