Major changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Major changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Q. What are some of the major changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition?
Dept - Windows 10

A. Formally codenamed Redstone, Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings a number of new capabilities to Windows 10 that will be released in 2016. Some of the major changes are outlined below:

  • Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) - Managed through MDM solutions such as Intune and Configuration Manager the ability to help protect against data leakage by automatically encrypting data on local devices from corporate sources such as SharePoint or network file shares, ensuring data can only be shared between corporate applications (privileged applications) and not to personal applications. Corporate data can be remotely wiped without impacting personal data and all of this functionality happens with minimal user experience impact
  • Biometric authentication, such as Windows Hello and fingerprints, to applications and supported websites through Edge
  • Edge introduces the ability to pin tabs, drag and drop folders into Edge to easily upload data, favorite import from Firefox and Chrome, tree view of favorites and better download behavior with reminders of downloading content and the ability change the default save location. New extensions will be available such as OneNote Clipper and Pin It Button. Edge now auto-pauses content that is not central to the web page
  • New Windows Ink experience that opens a new ink workspace (also available via the lock screen) by clicking the pen button that shows common pen applications and most recently used pen applications. New sticky note application that integrates with Cortana so as notes are created Cortana can act off them, for example creating reminders. Also a new sketch application. Ink is better integrated in the entire Windows platform enabling better inking in all applications such as Word and Powerpoint
  • All Windows applications will be able to execute on the Xbox One (and any Xbox One can now be a development kit by running a new Dev Mode Activation application). Cortana will also be available on Xbox One
  • A Live Tile showing information will now show that information on the application when the app is launched instead of having to try and find the information it was showing. This is known as chaseable live tiles
  • Continuum improvements enabling activities to be continued between devices including message integration between devices, for example texting from your Windows PC via your phone
  • Cortana works across devices enabling you to send information between devices easily, for example directions from your PC to phone
  • The Action Center is synchronized across devices via the cloud so as a notification is swiped away on one device it will automatically be cleared from other devices. If you phone battery is low it will notify you on your Windows machine.
  • Updated All Applications Start view
  • Bash support which enables Linux command line tools to be used in Windows
  • DirectX 12 coming to Windows 10 and Xbox One
  • Desktop App Converter enables any Win32 application to be packaged as a Universal Windows application
  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection to detect and protect from many more types of attack
  • New Dark Mode theme available via the Colors personalization that will also apply to many native Windows apps. Can also configure transparency and color for the Start menu, taskbar and action center via the same Colors personalization
  • Pin an application so it is available across all virtual desktops, for example Skype
  • Improved update experience for new branches of Windows 10
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