Latest Windows 10 Patch Not Installing for Some

Latest Windows 10 Patch Not Installing for Some

Late yesterday, I let you know about another update being offered up by Microsoft for Windows 10 Technical Preview testers. This update is required for those wanting to install the next build being promised next year as part of a January event. The event is rumored to contain new information about Windows 10 for devices, smartphones, and tablets – and possibly for Xbox.

The update, delivered yesterday evening and labeled as KB3025380, might have some problems. Shortly after it was available I received a couple notes through email and Twitter about the update not installing. And, then, this morning, even more people have confirmed to me that the update fails to install.

What happens is that the update attempts to install, displays a message of "Not needed," but then continually reoffers itself.

This probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone that has dealt with Microsoft patch quality over the last couple years, but more so during the last few months. December is being touted as the worst patch month in Microsoft's history of patch releases, and if Microsoft doesn’t figure out how to fix the quality of its releases, each new month could possibly retain the same label.

We'll have to wait to see if Microsoft identifies and addresses the problem with this latest release for Windows 10. Without the patch the January build will not install.

Did KB3025380 install for you? Have you experienced any of the problems that are being described?

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