June 2017 End of Month Cumulative Patches for Windows 10 Address Over 60 Issues

June 2017 End of Month Cumulative Patches for Windows 10 Address Over 60 Issues

Yesterday, during the initial outbreak of the latest global ransomware attack, a lot of discussions circled around the idea of keeping your systems up to date and patched against vulnerabilities.

Well you can never say that Microsoft does not give you enough opportunities to keep Windows patched and updated. In fact, it looks like the company has settled into a new routine of releasing two cumulative updates each month for all of the supported versions of Windows 10.

We have had Patch Tuesday's, scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, since October 2003 and the routine of those planned/expected updates has been positively received for the most part.

Several years ago we started to see an occasional second batch of updates in some months that typically followed the scheduled Patch Tuesday by two weeks. I often referred to this cycle of updates as the "Unofficial Patch Tuesday".

Since the release of Windows 10 we have seen those operating system patches in a package called a cumulative update and they were being released on Patch Tuesday. However, over the last few months there has been a second batch of cumulative updates released on "Unofficial Patch Tuesday" and it is becoming so regular that we might need to begin calling that the Patch Tuesday II for each month.

June continues that extra release with updates to all supported versions of Windows 10 adn they include a total of more than 60 fixes across all those versions.

Here are links to the release notes for the CU's released yesterday, all of them are non-security patches, for each version of Windows 10:

Windows 10 (Initial Release - Build 10240)

KB4032695 - Build 10240.17446

Windows 10 Version 1511 (Initial Release - Build 10586)

KB4032693- Build 10586.965

Windows 10 Version 1607 (Initial Release - Build 14393)

KB4022723 - Build 14393.1378

Windows 10 Version 1703 (Initial Release - Build 15063)

KB4022716 - Build 15063.447

The 1607 and 1703 updates have a long list of fixes so if you have been having some lingering issues it is possible those have been addressed in this month's batch of updates.

So stay up to date and make sure these are installed on all of your Windows 10 devices.


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