Forrester study shows Windows 10 increases ROI for migrating companies

Forrester study shows Windows 10 increases ROI for migrating companies

In a recent update to the Windows 10 Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester for Microsoft, it looks like the return on investment for companies choosing to move their organizations to Windows 10 continues to increase over time.

When this study was first commissioned last June, a move to Windows 10 was already providing cost and work hours savings for companies. In this update, which was conducted in December, it shows the trend continues on an upward trajectory with further manpower and cost savings for these businesses.

Here are some of those results summarized from the latest study data:

-- Three year net value of benefits per user increased from $403 to $515

-- Return on Investment increased by 45% - 188% to 233%

-- Payback period for this ROI was 13 to 14 months

-- One customer stated that the deployment of Windows 10 took only half the time of their last OS migration

-- IT Admins estimated a 15% time savings in system management with Windows 10

-- Some businesses could save $700K per year because they experience fewer security related issues under Windows 10

-- Employee productivity increased by 25%

You can download the entire Forrester report for more in-depth details from this link (PDF, 26 pages, direct link). It has information about the companies who participated in the study and the methods used by Forrester to extrapolate the data in the report.


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