Check machine for Windows 10 compatibility

Check machine for Windows 10 compatibility

Q. How can I check a machine for compatibility with Windows 10?

A. It is possible to run the Windows 10 setup in a scan only mode which will return a result related to if an upgrade is possible. Run the command below:

start /wait /setup.exe /auto upgrade /compat ScanOnly /quiet

Once the command has finished echo the errorlevel

echo %errorlevel%

You can then view this code (convert it from decimal to hex which is easy to view using calculator in programmer mode)

Possible values are:

  • No issues found: 0xC1900210
  • Compatibility issues found (hard block): 0xC1900208
  • Migration choice (auto upgrade) not available could be wrong SKU, language or architecture)· 0xC1900204
  • Does not meet system requirements for Windows 10: 0xC1900200
  • Insufficient free disk space: 0xC190020E

Also look in the hidden folder $WINDOWS.~BT and navigate to Sources\Panther and view the setuperr.log file for more information. Typically search for the hex return code found which will give more information. Also search for setupact.log for more detailed information. There are also other files including XML files that have blocking information that stops upgrade, the CompatDataxxxxx.xml files. Search these files for hard blocks.

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