Build 2016 - Windows 10 in the Enterprise

Build 2016 - Windows 10 in the Enterprise

In the Day 1 Keynote at Microsoft's Build 2016 conference last week in San Francisco, Microsoft revealed some of the progress they are seeing with Windows 10.

Terry Myerson, the Windows and Devices Group Chief, revealed that there are now 270 million active users of the eight month old operating system, an increase of 70 million since early January, and that users have spent over 75 billion hours in the operating system.

OEM Partners have launched over 500 new devices specifically designed for Windows 10 with screen sizes across the entire spectrum and with the Department of Defense announcing its plans to upgrade over 4 million devices to Windows 10 within the next year the momentum remains strong.

According to Myerson, Windows 10 is the fastest growing version of Windows 10 ever and with that understanding they did bring some content to Build 2016 for those of you in the Enterprise.

This hour long session is by Rob Lefferts, Director of Program Management for Enterprise and Security and he talks about Windows 10 and it means for you as IT Pros.

In this video he begins by addressing how the digital revolution is impacting us across all levels of life/industry and then talks about concerns that IT Pros like yourselves have and how Windows 10 has been built to address those areas.

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